an assembler catalogue

continuous, objective and reproducible evaluation of genome assemblers using docker containers

objective assessment

Compare how different genome assemblers perform against a variety of test sequence data. Multiple different benchmarks shows the average performance of each assembler.

Measured metrics include the size or accuracy of the assembly. Benchmarks include different %GC content and genome sizes. Choose the assembler that best suits your own requirements and data.

reusable software

Every genome assembler is examined as a self-contained Docker application. These containers eliminate the common problem in bioinformatics where the software won't compile or requires multiple additional dependencies. Everything needed to run the assembler is included in the container.

You can pull an assembler from the docker repository and start using it immediately in your own research.

test your own assembler

Sending your assembler images is encouraged. Create a docker image of your assembler with all the required dependencies to assemble a fastq file. Once your assembler successfully builds on Docker Hub it can be included in the benchmarks.